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Training Services and Packages

Here you will find all of the services and packages we offer. Each one will have a short description and a ballpark price. Prices are subject to change. Every package can be customized to your horse. 

Groundwork (Weanling - 2yo)

This package we focus on making your baby a good equine citizen. Halter breaking, leading, Trailer Loading, Standing tied, Picking up feet and standing for the farrier, standing for deworming and much more will be covered. This is a 30 day package and starts at $800.00. You will also get a 20% off coupon for another service offered by us (i.e. colt starting). 


Groundwork (3+)

With this service we focus on getting your equine partner to be a good citizen and fun to be around. Whether your horse is a broodmare, pasture pet, or just getting a late start, this package will ensure you live harmoniously with your friend. We cover all the things in the other groundwork package, it is also a 30 day course and starts at $1000.00


Colt Starting (2-4)

This 30 day package teaches your horse everything they need to know about the basics. your horse will learn proper body control. Walk, Trot, Lope, stop and back. your horse will get proper desensitization and exposure to things like trails, arena work, other horses, obstacles and more. This package starts at $1200.00


Colt Starting (5+)

This package is for the late bloomers and ones who got put on the back burner. We teach them everything we covered in our last colt starting package. starting at $1500.00


Finishing work

In this package we focus on putting all the right buttons on your horse. We work on body control. Side passing, counter arcing, Disengaging the Hindquarter, Moving the shoulder, lead changes, and more. This package is 30 days and starts at $1000.00


Tune Ups

Have a horse thats broke but has been sitting awhile? Just bought a horse and want to make sure that they are preforming their best for you? This is the package for you. We focus on fine tuning what the horse knows and working out any kinks they may have. this package is 30 days and starts at $1000.00


Trail Horse Delux

Have a horse that knows the basics but you really want them to be a star on the trail? We have the package for you! This package focuses on fine tuning your horses cues, desensitizing them to things they may encounter on the trail, and teaching them necessary skills you want them to know! Skills like opening and closing gates under saddle, lining up to a mounting block ( or stump, fence, etc) for easy mounting on the trail, crossing obstacles with ease and more!


Start to finish

this package is a 120 day course. It includes everything from the groundwork package, colt starting and finishing work. From start to finish your horse will learn everything it needs to know to be a good citizen and partner. we will train the horse with your desired discipline in mind. When they leave here they will be ready to start specialized training in whatever your heart desires. from western pleasure to barrels and everything in between, we can get them on the right track to be champions. this package starts at $3600.00

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