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     Whether you have a young horse who needs a good foundation, a pushy broodmare who needs a tune up, a horse who hasn't been ridden in a few years or even a broke horse who needs finishing work, we can do it all! We have several options tailored to your horses needs so you can rest easy knowing your equine friend is getting the education they need. 

     All of our training packages include a stall that is cleaned 2x a day, daily turnout (weather permitting), Fresh water changed 2x daily, free choice grass hay and grain 2x a day. We feed Bluebonnet Omega Force. If you would like your horse to stay on the grain they are currently getting, that can be arranged as well. There will be a up-charge for Stallions or mares with babies on their side.  

Groundwork Only

This package is for any horse who may need a tune up on manners and basic handling skills. Or for babies just getting their start in the world. We can work with weanlings up to seniors. Skills they will learn:



Standing tied

Loading and Unloading 

Handling feet and standing for the farrier

Desensitizing and maneuvering obstacles


For horses being prepped for work under saddle they will also learn ground driving, disengaging forequarters and hindquarters, and much much more.

This is a 30 day course and starts at $900

Colt Starting

All of our colt starting clients must complete a groundwork only course first. This insures your youngster has the best foundation possible. Once a groundwork course is completed we then move on to saddle work. Skills they will learn:

accepting tack and standing for tacking

accepting a rider 

standing for mounting and dismounting

walk, trot and canter under saddle



disengaging hindquarters and forequarters

turning/steering smoothly without resistance

riding outside

riding with other horses around them

riding out alone

This is a 30 day course and starts at $1200

Tune Ups

Have a horse thats been sitting awhile but you're ready to start enjoying them again? Have a horse thats broke but needs more fine tuning? We can do that! Wet saddle pads and putting the buttons where they need to be is one of our favorite things to do! 

30 days $900

Don't see anything that will work for you? Feel free to contact us to discuss options and to come up with a plan for your specific animal! 

Looking for someone who specializes in problem horses? Look no further. Prices and acceptance is on a case by case basis. Please contact us for a quote and consult. 

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